Professional Development Coach (U18)
Location: Birmingham
Salary: Competitive
Expires: 18/09/2020 23:59

Job Title - Professional Development Coach (U18)

Department - Academy

Closing Date - 18/09/2020

Hours - 37.5 per week. Permanent Full Time

Reports to - Head of Professional Development Phase & Head of Coaching


- Communicate and promote the Academy culture creating an elite environment for the development of young players.
- Have consistently high standards.
- Communicate and engage with parents/guardians where appropriate.
- Attend all professional development events.
- Actively engage in a fully functioning competency framework and integrated appraisal process.
- Monitor the well-being of Academy players always liaising with the Safeguarding Services Manager.
- Ensure compliance with all the Policies and Procedures contained within the Staff Handbook, paying regard to the Equal Opportunities Policy and Health & Safety Policy and procedures at all times.

- Implementation of the coaching syllabus for the U17-U18 age groups as per the APP.
- Lead on coaching within training and games.
- Promote collaboration in the delivery of the programme.
- To plan, create and evaluate coaching sessions as scheduled in the weekly plan.
- Manage fixture schedule for groups and individual players within the coaching cell.
- Ensure each U17-U18 player within the cell has an active ILG.
- Ensure the review process is operated for each player every mesocycle as set out in the APP.
- Monitor and record training/fixture content, objectives, evaluations, time and attendance on the PMA.
- Monitor and evaluation of all players with the coaching cell for succession planning process.
- To independently source and review video clips of individuals and groups with reference to player’s individual learning objectives in liaison with the analysis department.
- Oversee the trialist’s providing suitable evaluation and feedback during the signing / exit policy.
- Ensure appropriate communication of future activities and/or changes (times/dates).

- Provide a health check / update on coaching cell operations in each 10/20/30/40 week coaching meeting.
- Liaison with education, sport science and medical staff to enhance an inter-disciplinary process.
- Take responsibility for all resources associated with training and fixtures ensuring the highest possible standards. (kit, bibs, balls and cones).


- To provide leadership and guidance to the inter-disciplinary team, players and parents.
- Liaison with U23 Team Manager and Head of the Professional Development Phase to ensure smooth running of daily activities.
- Conduct regular inter -disciplinary team meetings for the U18 group within the Professional Development Phase to ensure clarity on priorities, processes, schedules, players and KPI’s.
- Undertake a coach development role with the coaching programme in liaison with the Head of Coaching.
- Management of the fixture programme for the U18 Group in line with the KPI’s.
- Lead on the management and coordination of logistics to promote a self sufficient culture.
- Updating external development and international activities within players performance clock.
- To ensure that the Club’s PMA is kept up-to-date for the U17-U18 groups.
- To manage access and promote use of PMA for U18 players.
- Identify areas for development and work closely with the Academy Management Team, inter-disciplinary teams to ensure necessary performance standards are met and developed.
- Attendance at senior leadership meetings as requested.
- To be aware of the PL/FL YD rules and requirements relating to the Youth Development Phase.
- Submission of the relevant information to update and produce the yearly APP and Academy Website.

- Collaborative, Inspirational and knowledgeable Coach.

- Previous experience leading elite groups and teams in an Academy setting.

- Experience of coaching and mentoring players through or into the Professional Development Phase.

- UEFA A Licence / Advanced Youth Award.

- Competent user of Powerpoint, Word, Excel and PMA.

- Excellent interpersonal skills be adaptable to work with staff and player across departments.

- Ability to work under pressure and willing to work unsociable hours.

- Organised, methodical and logical approach to work.

- Competent presentation skills, in building and delivering relevant information.

- Driving Licence.